We are Peerpay

A Payment Solution for the Digital Age.

Peerpay is your payment solution for your website or business. We feature fast payments and simply processing.


Peerpay is the best payment processor for your business.

Featuring easy deposits and withdrawals, simple API for merchants, and instant payments, what more could you ask for?

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Years of Experience

How we serve our customers.

Our customers are important to us, and we strive to keep them happy with easy to use services, merchant options, and fast payments.

Complete Wallet

Our wallet can hold several different currencies with instant transfers and withdrawals.

Money Transfer

Money transfers are fast with Peerpay, No more waiting for the network to approve what you send.

Email Invoicing

Send invoices for your products and services by email directly to your customer for fast payment.

Cash Out

Cashing out is easy, and usually processed same business day.

Cash in

Deposits can be put into your account via PayPal and other services.

Make Payment

Payments are fast and simple with Peerpay.

Ready to switch to Peerpay?

You can easily integrate our payment system into your website with some simple PHP (or other) code. Come give it a try.


Lowest payment processing fees. Period.

We're not here to gouge our customers. We just want to make things easy.


No locked-in contracts. Ever.

You're free to switch to any provider anytime. There are no contracts.


Full transparency. Always.

We're owned by a non-profit company. We have nothing to hide, and operate without greedy tactics.


Get your money in less than a day.

We try to process withdrawals same day, or next business day if it's a holiday.


Payment technology that works.

Sending money to someone shouldn't be a hassle. Peerpay makes it easy.


Registered and licensed business

We're incorporated in Canada, licensed by FINTRAC, and are a nonprofit. What more could you ask for?


Approve more transactions

Experience more approvals on every single payment with local and global payment processing, data-driven optimizations, and powerful risk management. All within a fully connected single payments system.


Currencies Accepted

We accept both traditional fiat currencies and newer virtual currencies.


Payment Types Accepted

We currently utilize Paypal, E-Bank, and PureWallet as payment providers.


Marchent Control Pannel

Our merchant control panel is easy to use, just like our API. Check it out.

Our top client

We've build solutions for

We integrate with various platforms and service providers to make Peerpay a perfect solution for your business.


We provide the best payment gateway service.

Peerpay is fast, easy to use, and powerful without complications.

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Merchant Accounts

Our client testimonial

What people say

Hear what our customers have to say and see why they like us over the competition.


Taylor Otwell

Business Owner

I needed an easy payment system without all the installation of API's and other nonsense. Peerpay is easy and I love it!

Jeffrey Way


I sell songs on my website and Peerpay makes it happen. Rock on friends!

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